Philology I

Romeo used it in such a way; we do not.
We see it on TV to describe toilet paper.
Frankly, I don’t care whether TP is soft or not:
I just want it to keep my finger from penetrating;
I want it to have some traction!

But back to Romeo:
In a moment of hope, of passion;
In a moment of admiration, adoration,
He stilled the beating of his heart,
And looked at the wondrous apparition
That was the focus of his life:
Young, nubile, beauteous Juliet.
Never mind that she was a petulant
Shrew who would have run his life;
Never mind that he might just as soon
Forget her as he forgot Rosalind:
In that moment, he looked up at the
Radiance issuing from the window
And saw heaven, saw Beauty,
Saw love.

He said, to himself
To muster all manner, all control, all method
To bring himself to his most exalted state.
There are moments that demand our best:
The major interview, the proposal,
The championship, the exam, the speech,
The first meeting with the parents —
All these require our best.

We should say as we don the suit of lights;
We should say as we prepare to make the big pitch;
We should say as we prepare to be born;
We should say as we prepare to die.

It is a word to love, to say to yourself
To help you acknowledge that this is

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