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I have been trying the “Next Blog” link in the upper right corner of my blog (I don’t know if it is there for non-members). It’s just a way of looking at random blogs from other people in this system.

What variety! Not only are there blogs in an amazing Babel of languages (often, strangely, with English titles on entries) but there is an astounding variety of skill and focus and an even wider range of intent; for example, while some bloggers are talking to themselves (to the extent that every entry is password protected) some are definitely seeking an audience.

Those who seek an audience vary from the erudite to the blinkered, from the elegant to the unspeakable, from the biggoted to the empathetic, from the humble to the arrogant.

There are those who blithely post intimate family photographs, and those who tell the tiniest details of their health — or their pet’s health. There are those who gather links to sites they find interesting, with mini reviews of same.

But don’t take my word for it: the proof is just a click away.

The bottom line is this: people are endlessly entertaining; on the one hand, you can learn a lot by watching human beings. As Thornton Wilder opined: “Every time you get near the human race, there’s layers and layers of nonsense.”

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