As soon as I put down my toad

I was
Making peach pie —
The act that precedes
Baking —
Baking is a scene
Eating —


I was making peach pie —
But it wasn’t just
Peach pie;
It was
Sour cream peach pie —
That the family calls more-ish pie
‘Coz you always want more —
The kind with a dough crust
That I kneaded then rolled out of
Flour and shortning,
Ice cold water and salt —
And I peeled those
Rosey fuzzy peaches
With a small sharp paring knife —
They were rich pinky orange inside:
Soft, dripping luscious, freestone:
Spicey sweet:
Drip-along-your-forearms-to-your-elbows juicy:
Tempt you to sink teeth into
Until your chin is dripping —
Cut the oblong fruit into halves
Arranged in the bottom of the shell,
Which I had rolled out round, lifted in deftly
And shaped into the pie pan:
Gleaming juicy peach halves:
Pour on sour cream
Brown sugar . . .
Roll out another round of dough,
Cut into strips laid spaced and parallel
Fold back alternate strips from the centre,
Lay a strip over, perpendicular
Then replace and fold back the alternates
Until, presto: a woven top crust.

That’s where I was when Georgie walked by.

Four years old
Busy with summer.

Seeing a chance to involve him, I said:
“Georgie, would you like to help Mummie?”

“As soon as I put down my toad”

Forget the pies.
Forget the summer.
Forget the universe.

That moment hangs in my existence
As one of the Beauties.

Part of me still lives there.

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