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The weather in Miami is Clear, winds light, eighty-two degrees and The weather outside my house is Drop-ass dreary dull dreadful depressing And the weather in my heart is Pumping up a high pressure storm — which is really kind … Continue reading

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Opera for David

Longtime great gouts of oxygen Burning fiercely at nostrils’ flare Craven wings dark furred folded Until shrill claxton’s warning Exocet, pinioning blade, Excaliberson Keening skyward, shrilling, seeking Hot, surging vital Heartsgold. Headline: Man stuns bat with tennis raquet.

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Waiting for grandchildren (a)

“Could I speak to Mom, please?” I handed the phone to my wife Who had been hanging over my shoulder So closely, I could hear her impatience. Retired from teaching, I was Finally hunting down my dream of Writing for … Continue reading

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