Over ice, the water lies almost turquoise
Is it captured from the sky
This bluish stuff?
Mechanically, I suppose it is.
But that’s the water
— what about the blue?

* * *

Water lies over river ice
Strangely turquoise

How come?

Is it captured from the sky
With the water?

* * *
The paddle blade sings in water
Stirring eddies into throat songs

* * *

Silence is the canoe’s companion:
A breath overhead a duck’s wings tear the air
With low rhythmic growling power

* * *


Stand up on the gunwales
Of your canoe
Just sternward of the middle
Just so:

Now bounce your knees
And let the rhythm
Carry you across the water.

Fastest way to travel
Up the crick
Without a paddle.

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